Garance Pardigon: From TV to TikTok

Journalist at TF1 and creator of news content on TikTok, Garance Pardigon exposed the possibilities offered by TikTok, as well as its flaws.


« On TikTok, you shouldn’t be afraid of being ridiculous ! » This is the advice of Garance Pardigon, journalist at TF1 and creator of news content on TikTok.

For journalists, being on TikTok goes with interactivity and closeness with the public. With 170,000 subscribers, Pardigon created her account after hosting a segment on TF1’s evening news broadcast. There, she answered viewers’ questions during the pandemic. Garance Pardigon pointed out TikTok’s potential to widen the audience of mainstream media and « break the image of the TV journalist »

Garance Pardigon highlighted the need to tailor content specifically for TikTok. In the writing, it is important to focus on the content, to avoid falling into pure entertainment. Garance Pardigon gave the example of a broadcast she made, detailing the procedures for closing a bank account. For TikTok, she turned it into a dialogue between a banker and his client.

Finally, Garance Pardigon warned the audience against some potential issues in journalistic production on TikTok. According to her, « the line is sometimes blurred between content creator and influencer. I have always made myself clear. I am a journalist and I always rely on information and data », she said.

By Sarah MIANSONI and Juliette LAFFONT

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