Axel Beaussart / Rémy Buisine / Hugo Travers: Should we go or not? If yes, how?

During this conference, Hugo Travers, founder of the media Hugo Décrypte, Axel Beaussart, founder of the media Spotters and Rémy Buisine, journalist at Brut, discussed the benefits for the media to go on TikTok.

© Théophile Aubriot

For Rémy Buisine, going on TikTok was “obvious” in the face of changing uses on platforms. “On all platforms, like Instagram, we see that we are moving from photo to video. So there was the gamble to say that we could use Tik Tok to provide information and deal with serious subjects, by reaching a slightly younger community”. At the same time, one of the big challenges for the platform was to gain visibility and to do so to fight against misinformation, hence the interest for TikTok that the media signed up for it.

The decision to turn to TikTok led to changes in the very organization of the editorial staff of Brut. They have recruited a new team: 3 full-time people with an editorial team that can go up to 6 or 7 depending on the news.

Same reflection on the side of Hugo Travers, founder of Hugo Décrypte who has three million subscribers on TikTok. “When we started on TikTok, it was very criticized even among youtubers. We had to understand that it was a platform in its own right.” More generally, attention is increasingly turning to short formats, such as Shorts on Youtube or Reels on Instagram, hence the need for the media to invest in these platforms.

For Axel Beaussart, three levers are fundamental to success on TikTok. First, having a good rhythm of publication: what matters is not the frequency but the regularity. Second, ensure that all content is commented on and re-shared. Third, ensure that the content is watched in full and, if possible, several times.

What matters most are the first seconds of the video”, adds Rémy Buisine. You have to know how to juggle skillfully between format, with catchy titles to make Internet users want to click, and content, so that the audience is not disappointed.

When you start on TikTok, the main pitfall is to post the same content that you produced for Youtube or Instagram. “At Brut, we are aware of these differences between platforms, which is why we organize separate editorial conferences for long and short formats, says Rémy Buisine. Each platform has its own culture, which allows them to retain their audiences” adds Axel Beaussart.

When you are the number one media on social networks, the place is never guaranteed. You always have to be one step ahead”, concludes Rémy Buisine.

By Caroline RENAUX, Laura SALABERT, Minh DRÉAN

Edited by Sarah MIANSONI

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