Data as a new narrative/Les données au service de nouvelles narrations

Speaker: Julia Angwin, investigative journalism and editor-in-chief of The Markup / Intervenante: Julia Angwin, journaliste d’investigation et rédactrice en chef de The Markup

Investigative journalist and Markup Editor-in-Chief Julia Angwin spent her entire journalism career searching for the perfect narrative. Now, she says readers have too many to pick from.

« Our timelines are nothing but narratives, » Angwin said.

The media landscape has blurred, according to Angwin, as exhaustive content platforms compound a surplus of narrative that leaves readers struggling to interpret their meaning. As with climate change or fake news, a narrative plurality risks confusing readers who try to understand how individual incidents fit into broader perspectives.

« We as readers are seeking more meaning and a little less narrative, » Angwin said.

The Markup seeks to balance the abundance of anecdotal storytelling with conclusive, experimental journalism. The platform—which will launch next year—aims to use data to contextualize long-form narratives and by using the scientific method to test specific claims. Angwin says the approach cuts through detail that might muddle a story’s impact and reduce opportunities for interpretation.

« Stating a conclusion is what readers are looking for, » she said. « They have enough anecdotes in life. They want us to make sense of those anecdotes. »

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