What could blockchain do for journalism / Que peut faire blockchain pour le journalisme ? – Vivian Schiller

Intervenant : Vivivan Schiller, CEO of The Civil Foundation.

What is CIVIL? 

  • A community owned network of newsrooms committed to ethical journalism and held accountable by everyday citizens and the independent journalists who serve them
  • It’s built on the blockchain, as CVL believes it may be a solution to some of the ills in the news industry.

Why blockchain? 

It is censorship resistant archives which ensures consistent pseudonymity, allows community governance, payments, licenses syndication. It is owned and operated by journalists and citizens. While blockchain is usually associated with getting rich, this is not what CVL is. It’s a governance mechanism, with its own currency and members of the public that can reward news organizations for their work. 

It’s a global community of news organizations, it’s a custom publishing tool to provide authorship, one can access perks and benefits from the industry, it allows newsrooms to have access to an expanded revenue stream, also, one can get a civil badge as a symbol of quality. The hope is that CVL benefits not only news organizations but also the general public, as this is an open platform accessible to everyone, the public included.

100+ journalists are on board to this day. 

The platform launch is due in a few months. CVL should open a token store soon, with all of the proceeds to go to the CVL foundation which will be making grants, tipping and other CVL transactions possible.

Crédits photo : Jules Boudier

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