Solving the rubik’s cube of bias in reporting / Résoudre le rubik’s cube des biais journalistiques – Alexandre Elkrief

Speaker : Alexandre Elkrief, co-founder and president of Knowhere News

Three years ago, there was a fundamental problem with Facebook and echo chambers. Knowhere News, « the world’s most unbiased news », was founded to prevent this to continue happening. But to understand this, we have to take a look at how the news has evolved throughout time.

30 years ago, the news only appeared on print. Then the Internet arrived: the profession was completely overturned.

These days, the name of the game is to send 300-signs push alerts to people. The problem is that no one seems to be focused on the costs of producing stories. So, what if we could cut down the costs of producing single stories?

Knowhere tried to solve the problem news consumers are being faced with nowadays – gathering and synthesizing information while too much information is being produced. It relies on artificial intelligence to solve the problem, and it works for any topic, from business to economics and sport.

At the same time, for every story Knowhere News publishes 3 different version: a « left-wing » version, a « right-wing » version » version and a « neutral » version. « It’s only when we have a home of news trusted universally that we can fund investigative journalism again », president and co-founder Elkrief explained.

Crédits photo : Ulysse Bellier

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