Insights about Washington Post’s CMS, Arc / Plongée dans le CMS du Washington Post, Arc

Speaker: Jesse Lewis, multiplatform editing chief at The Washington Post, discussing Content Management Systems (CMS).

When you introduce a new CMS, people immediately fall in love with the old one« , says Jesse Lewis. Arc, The Washington Post’s news CMS, has many more functions that the previous one did. 

Since working on several different systems at different points of the news production stream was highly unpractical, the new CMS was designed to allow the reporter to do their job from the ground anywhere – writing their stories, adding various types of videos and photos, and then directly publish on the same platform. It promotes newsroom collaboration and is faster than ever, allowing to publish on all types of platforms at the same time – from Facebook Instant to Apple news.

This is accomplished by combining several elements:

  • Ellipsis is a web-based digital storytelling tool built for teams who need to quickly create high-quality news and narrative content. The tool anticipates multiple authors and editors working side-by-side to create a variety of types of stories;
  • Anglerfish offers complete control over an organization’s images, no matter what format, size, or origin;
  • Metered Paywall gives users a certain number of free articles while also persuading them to convert to being paying subscribers;
  • Carta allows to create and manage flexible templates for a daily or weekly newsletter.  It automatically pulls email content from the correct feed, generates the email and then sends it at the proper time.

Crédits photo : Jules Boudier

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